Pompom animals, etc.

Snowmen Swap

Glue together three white 1" pom poms. Glue on google eyes and tiny pom poms or bits of black fun foam or felt made with a paper punch (for buttons). Glue on a snip of orange chenille stem for the nose and make a scarf with a scrap of colored felt. Optional: make hats from circles of black felt and black pom poms. Or paint cyllindrical plastic water bottle squeeze top covers black (on the insides) instead of using pom poms for the top hats.


Panda Swap

Glue together two white 1" pom poms for the head and body. Glue on six black 1/2" pom pom; two for ears, two for arms and two for legs. Gule on one white 1/2" pom pom for face. Cut out two small felt ovals for eye "patches. Glue seed beads on for eyes and nose. Glue on pin back.

-from Swapaholic.info

Koala Bear Swap

Glue two 1" gray pom poms together for body. Glue two smaller white pom poms in center of small gray pom poms for ears. Glue onto head. Use hole punch to cut out eyes from black fun foam. Cut out nose from black fun foam. Glue onto face. Glue on four small gray pom poms for feet. Glue on pin back.

-from Swapaholic.info

Use different color pompoms for black bears, brown bears, or polar bears. Cut out feet with claws from the fun foam for grizzlies.

Ladybug on Leaf Swap

This was sent in by Nancy H. from Texas.

Use a (1-inch size) red pom pom for the body. Use a (1/2 inch size) black pom pom for the head. Glue them to a "silk" leaf. Glue two jiggly eyes on the head. Glue black sequins on the body to make spots.

Thanks so much Nancy!

-from Swapaholic.info

Oscar the Grouch

· film canister
· green pom pom
· googly eyes
· glue

Using the film canister as the garbage can, gluing the lid onto a green pom pom, etc. Older girls might think they are too old to appreciate owning one of these, but they could have a lot of fun making them and giving them to needy kids. Another idea is to use the idea at a service unit event.

-from SWAPaholic.info

Pom Pom Duckling

Glue 1/2 inch and 1 inch yellow pom poms together. Add black seed beed eyes. Form orange and yellow chenille stems to make wings, feet, and beak.

Camp Hat Pea Pod SWAP

Materials: (makes 17 pea pods)
· 9' x 12" light green felt (pea pod color)
· 51 1/2" green puffy pompoms (pea colour)
· 102 4mm googley eyes (6/pod, 2/pea)
· 17 small safety pins
· glue - clear drying
· tweezers (optional)

Step 1
Using above pea shell outlines, trace pattern on to light green felt. You may have 35 pea shell halves per sheet of 9" x 12" sheet of felt. Cut out the shells.
Step 2
Glue both halves together making one pea pod. Place about 1/2" of glue around the bottom rim, leaving room for the pompoms. Let dry. If wet when working halves could separate.
Step 3
Glue 3 pompoms into the center of the pea pod. Take your glue bottle and draw three lines of glue. Start at one edge of the shell going to the bottom and finishing on the other side of the shell. Place three pompoms in the shell, one on each of the lines. Press down all around the pompoms and hold for a few seconds, long enough to allow the glue to start bonding. Let dry.
Step 4
Glue 1 pair of eyes per pea on a pompom pea pod (6 eyes per pea pod). Tweezers help at this point, to place eyes in the glue and then on the pompom. Let dry.
Step 5
Add a safety pin to a corner and Ta Da it's ready for your camp hat.

Another idea for your camp hat crafts. I saw this craft as a girl in guiding years ago. I told a few Guiders about it and we decided to make it. The cool thing is that you can add little hats to make the peas look better.

Contributed by
Tricia Gillies



Mouse Pin SWAP

Materials (per mouse):
· gray or tan or black and pink felt pieces
· 1 large (about 1 ½" diameter) tan pompom
· 2 googly eyes (we used 4mm size)
· 1 pin back
· glue

Brown felt cut into the following shapes: 1 oval to hold pin back to pompom, 2 roughly circular (about ½" diameter) shaped pieces for ears, 1 long narrow piece for tail (about 2½" to 3" long), tiny scrap for nose, cut into sort of a rounded triangle shape. Glue (we used Tacky glue) A glue gun was used to attach pin back securely (leader can do this part). Just glue them together, two ears positioned at top, then eyes (tweezers really help in applying eyes) nose and tail. (Tip: use a good amount of glue (not so much as to be drippy, but more than you would need for paper of the same size. It also helps to "part" the "fur" slightly before trying to insert the ears and tail, you get a better bond that way.) We recommend that a leader pre-assemble the pin back to the felt oval using a glue gun - then the girl can just glue the felt piece to the bottom of the mouse after it is made. No two mice come out exactly alike - it's fun to see all their personalities! You might even want to dress up your mouse with a perky bow of yarn, ribbon or felt!

Spider SWAP

· Large pom-pom
· Pipe cleaners
· Small eyes
· Glue
· Elastic thread

I saw a cute "craft" at a flea market/craft show the other day. They made a spider from a large pom-pom (those little yarn balls you can purchase at craft stores in bags of 50-100) glue eyes on top and chenille strips (pipe cleaners) on the bottom (probably cut in half- depending on size of body), bend to make legs, knees and feet) then attach a piece of thread, they used elastic, from the top and tie it on the end of a stick.

Butterfly SWAP

· felt scraps
· sequins
· googly eyes
· pipe cleaners
· safety pins
· pom poms
· glue

For Daisies and young Brownies, precut the butterfly bodies from felt; older girls can use a pattern to cut them out. Have a variety of sequins on hand for decorating their wings. We accented the body of the butterfly with several pompoms. Googly eyes can be glued on, if desired. Antenna can be made using pipe cleaners, if desired. A safety pin can be stuck through the butterfly.

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Clothes Pin Caterpillar SWAP

· wooden clothes pin
· pom poms
· glue
· wiggly eyes
· pipe cleaner

Take a regular cheap wooden clothes pin, glue pompoms to it across the one of the flat sides. You want to pick your size of pompom so the flat surface of the clothes pin is covered by the pom pom. Add 2 wiggle eyes to the front pompom. (The front is the end you don't squeeze on to open the pin) and between the first and second pompom glue a 2" piece of pipe steam folded in a "V" for the antennae. Write info on the bottom of the pin. The pin itself clips on so you don't need a safety pin.

Contributed by:
Kris Swank


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